Beauty Editorial

As you may know, Camila and I have been working together since we met in 2016! She is an amazingly talented makeup artist based in Toronto and GTA. One day she contacted me to shoot a beauty editorial for her using two custom-made headpieces.

Her idea was “to transfer her passion for the arts - not only for makeup - through photography. The fascinator’s artisanal work, the perfection of the image, the choice of the colours and the model’s pose together deliver a result of work of artists! We are all artists, and together we make art!”

The headpieces are made from paper (like, whaaaaaat?) and they are gorgeous! I’ve never photographed anything like that before. Camila share her beauty editorial thoughts to Rob so he could custom-made the headpieces for her!

Rob said his inspiration is in everything! Any piece of art, nature, buildings, music or colour. Each piece is never the same due to the natural movement of the material he uses. Rob also said he spends at least 6 hours to make the hairpiece after getting the conception and all the elements together.

The makeup was perfect, the headpieces were terrific and the photos… well, check them out! 🙂 


Model: Belle Brown

Makeup and Hair: Camila Notari

Headpieces: Robson Oliveira: rmigueloliver@me.com

Photography: Bruna Rico 

makeup artist toronto GTA
black and white beauty editorial
rose headpiece
close-up eye pink makeup
beauty editorial with custom made headpiece
closeup pink and red makeup
black and white beauty editorial
black headpiece for beauty editorial in Toronto
black headpiece for beauty editorial in Toronto
black and white photo with headpiece
black headpiece - beauty editorial

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