Personal Branding portraits for a Matchmaker in Toronto

I've been working with Terran, from Mutual Match, since last year. I do all her personal branding portraits and I also photograph all of her clients here in Toronto.

It's been really fun for me because I can get to know incredible people and learn their stories!

What is a Matchmaker, you might ask?

Basically, a Matchmaker is your personal Tinder, but better, I think! They get to know you in-depth and conduct a private search for a perfect partner for you. They match your interests, values, and potential chemistry it might in between the two of you.

It's better than those apps because they analyze case by case and don't use any kind of algorithm or automatization to do the match!

I think what they do it's pretty cool and it can save a lot of your time if you are a busy person looking for a good date!

Meet Terran Shea, your matchmaker in Toronto!

She is your matchmaker! She is a sweet, intelligent beautiful woman that I have the pleasure to work with!

For those who are curious about her work, check out her website: https://www.mutualmatch.ca/

Don't forget to send me a note if you are interested in your own personal branding portraits!

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