A perfect gift for your Mom – Mother’s Day

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What is the perfect and unforgettable gift for your Mom? If you are a mother, are becoming a mom, have a mom or know a mom, this is for you.

I remember when I was a kid, we didn’t have Google yet to search for things like “what should I give to my mom on Mother’s Day?”. We had TV! So most of the ideas came from the TV commercials - which were horrible, by the way! 

They wanted us to buy a set of pans or a new vacuum cleaner or anything for the house but the MOM. Yes, back the day things were different and very sexist. Like today, but worse.

So I caught myself on this memory of my past and, as a Toronto portrait photographer, I thought I could do something much, much better for Mother’s Day. And the word empowerment came to me. 

Being a mom is being a superwoman with unconditional love. Mother's Day is every day! 

I am not a mother, but being a daughter and knowing so many moms, I understand how difficult it is this full-time job. I understand how many sacrifices they do for us, how many sleepless nights they have had, how much love a mother can give. Being a mom is being a superwoman with unconditional love. 

Sometimes they can't see that. There are some moments they don't feel that. Most of the time, a mother forgets she is a woman. They lose confidence; they become smaller. One day your children and grandchildren will look for photos of you and what will they find?

As a portrait photographer, I want to bring confidence back to those women. To show them how gorgeous they are, and to empower them through photographs!

I am a Toronto Portrait Photographer and specialize in Contemporary Portraits.

I will take you through an entire transformation of a beautiful Vanity Fair style photoshoot and make you look and feel like a celebrity for a day.

If you are a mom, pamper yourself with a day designed only for you that includes a full makeover, a Vanity Fair style photoshoot and lots of fun. It's a day where you feel like a celebrity having photos taken for a magazine!

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Do it because it is an incredible experience you will never forget!

I have gift cards available if you want to gift someone with this unforgettable portrait session.

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Get in touch to book or gift somebody you love with this Mother's Day photoshoot!

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