Boudoir photographer

Boudoir photography – 4 reasons why you should do it!

You deserve to love and feel yourself!

I created #FeelYourselfProject – a new boudoir photography – thinking exclusively of us, women. Sometimes we feel fabulous about ourselves, while other days we feel less than ideal. After all we need is to see ourselves in a different light, giving us a fresh perspective into how truly wonderful we are, both inside and out. Which is why I call this project a personalized confidence booster!

Toronto boudoir photographer

After booking your session with me, I will ask you fill out a questionnaire. This will help me get to know you better and to more fully understand what you’d like to get out of our photoshoot. A highly successful #FeelYourself session is key!

There are so many reasons to be involved in the #FeelYourselfProject – a new boudoir photography. Here are just a few:

  1. Celebrate yourself –We are all beautiful, but sometimes we need a bit of convincing to see ourselves in a more positive light. Whether to celebrate our curves, muscles or amazing aura, this photo session is to celebrate YOU, from head to toe, no matter what your body type! I will show you how to pose so you can look your best and feel most comfortable. Give yourself the confidence boost you deserve and be prepared to feel sexier than ever!
  2. Celebrate being single –Even if you don’t have a special someone to swoon over your photos, why deny yourself? Do it for you. Do it to remind yourself of how great you are and how you only deserve the best life has to offer!
  3. Celebrate a milestone –Whether during pregnancy, an engagement, or as a happy newlywed, why not celebrate and commemorate a special moment in life?
  4. Have a #FeelYourselfDay –As if you need a reason to pamper yourself! Sip on your drink of choice while one of our talented stylists applies your makeup & styles your hair. You will feel like royalty for the duration of our session and will have the photos to prove how fabulous you truly are. And best of all, you are going to have fun while doing it!