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“I worked with Bruna on product photography for my small business and she did such an amazing job! She is professional, creative and will make sure to exceed your expectations. I am excited to work with her on future projects and I highly recommend her services for both portraits and product/personal branding photography!”

– Andreea Apostol, Terradomi Candle Co

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Product Photography for your website and social media.

Here is why you should invest in it.

Product photography is an essential component of social media marketing. By investing in professional product photography, you can create a cohesive visual brand that sends the message that you’re a total pro. These bright and unique photographs show who you are and evoke emotion so that instead of continuing to scroll, your ideal customers stick around to hear what you have to say.

Consistently putting up professionally shot branded product photos on your social media channels helps your customers believe that your business really cares for them, which will motivate them to become fans and eventually loyal customers. Moreover, visually appealing photographs tend to get more attention and interaction from users such as more clicks, follows, shares, and likes on a post.

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I’m so glad I’ve found Bruna. As I’m starting my journey as a small business owner I felt so lost when it came to product photography, so I decided to invest in a professional. Bruna was not only highly skilled but also incredibly approachable and easy to talk to, 3 hours went by so fast! I felt heard, and the results were fantastic. Huge thanks, Bruna! I’m already looking forward to our next collaboration!

– Maria, Dolce Bebe

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Lifestyle and e-commerce product photography are two different styles. E-commerce photography is usually shot on a white background or with the product cut out of the background, to show the product as it is. It is commonly used in online stores where there is a shop option.

Lifestyle product photography shows products for sale in the context of the environments in which they’re intended to be used. It makes products more relatable and helps shoppers envision how they’d use the items in their own lives.

Lifestyle photography puts the product in the context of everyday consumers, using the right location, props, and often models, to help buyers envision what it’s like to own and use the product.

Flat lay is simply a photo of itens shot from above – some people call it “bird eyes view”. Those itens are arranged in a certain way on a flat surface.

Many creatives and entrepreneurs use flat lay photography to catch people’s attention on their social media accounts where photos are dominant like Instagram or Pinterest.

Stop motion is an animation technique that involves taking a series of photographs of an object that is moved slightly between each shot. When the photos are played back in sequence, it creates the illusion of motion.

Stop motion is a great way to promote a business or products! It is very popular on social media, and has been proven to keep viewer’s engaged up to the call to action. Many brands have used stop motion to create captivating advertising campaigns.

Absolutely! In partnership with one of the best Toronto Videographers, we offer a full production including photography and video content for your brand!

Our Toronto studio can accommodate your product photography project. However, if your project has a specific location, additional fees might be applied. Contact us to get a quote.

Yes! You can check out our portfolio for food & drinks category here.

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